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University Rover Challenge

An out of this world competition!

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As humans explore and colonize Mars, there will be a need to have autonomous and remote controlled rovers to work alongside and aid human teams. To this end, The Mar Society invites teams from colleges around the world to compete at the University Rover Challenge. For this competition, teams are tasked to complete specific challenges including an extreme distance and autonomous terrain traversal challenges, equipment maintenance, sample retrieval, and scientific analysis.

As of Fall 2017, West Virginia University has assembled a team to compete in this program. WVU has a strong history in robotics, with years of success at the NASA Sample Return Robot, RASC-AL, and Robotic Mining Challenges. We are working hard to carry on this legacy and leave a lasting impact at our first competition. Currently, WVU's URC team consists primarily of students completing their mechanical engineering capstone course, however, the team is reaching out to other disciplines to enhance our perspective and experience. If you are interested in joining, please contact Dr. Yu Gu at

WVU University Rover System Acceptance Review Video Submission


The Mars Society

Visit the Mars Society website to learn more about their work with the URC.

Mars Society Website